Executive Counseling Organizational Assessments

Organizations or Business Leaders

Executive and Organizational Evaluations and Consultation
The challenges in the business world often mimic or surpass those found in sports. Evaluation and Consultation includes but is not limited to identification of strengths/weaknesses and assessing the working atmosphere (including attitudes and formulating potential areas of growth into measurable goals and objectives).

Counseling and Specific Performance Enhancement
Strategies are utilized to assist the executive to survive and thrive in chaos.

  • Performance enhancement strategies
  • Assessment is crucial in getting to the root of the "problem"
  • Stress management
  • Imagery and visualization
  • Goal setting and priority management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Financial stress management and clinical counseling to help cope with financial downturn and recession

Life Coaching
Karen Cromwell, MS, PCC-S helps people with career choices, change and development, weight loss, finances, along with spirituality and happiness so they can live a more fulfilled life. Karen has a special ability to build leaders, happiness and deep, lasting satisfaction in life.

  • Get over old patterns
  • Do what you wish you would do
  • Live a life you're proud of

Areas of Impact through Life Coaching with Karen Cromwell, MS, PCC-S

Career - business building, transitions, raises and promotions, resumes and interviews, career fulfillment

Body - weight loss, health, fitness, feeling great

Relationships - dating, marriage, divorce, family and children

Communication - workplace, family, conflict and difficult situations, romantic, communication skills/relationships

Balance - balance among all the aspects of your life

Confidence, Self-Trust and Happiness - living a satisfying, balanced, successful life

Clinical Supervision is available for those who wish to obtain either their Independent Clinical Counseling Licensure or their Supervision Endorsement through the state of Ohio.

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